Creating your 360º tour

The process of creating your 360º tour begins with the brief, formulated from our initial conversations – from there we offer strategies and solutions to get you the best possible outcome for the job.

Whether we’re working from a basic template or fully customising your project there are a few steps in the workflow that we always follow to make sure you receive the best possible outcomes.

1. Pre-Production

In this stage we plan out the logistics of the shoot. Dates, times, talent and the required assets and equipment. Great work is built from a strong foundation.

2. Production

In this stage the plan is put into action. Using top of the line equipment, we visit the locations and capture all the content we require to meet the specifications of your project. 

3. Post-Production

This is where the magic happens and the project comes to life. All the the assets are edited and pieced together to bring together your project.

4. Review and Delivery

Once the tour is assembled we send you a link to review with your team. Any minor tweaks can be implemented and the final tour is delivered.